Outreach Programs

Tanzania's approach to the growing number of orphans resulting from the AIDS epidemic is to encourage outreach programs, Tanzanian culture embraces the extended family, so it is expected for uncles, aunts, grand parents or older siblings to look after the children of their relatives. However, the situation has become so extreme that in many cases these family members are having to feed 10 to 12 children and increasingly this job is falling to the elderly who are unable to cultivate anymore in order to feed the young.

The outreach program has reached new heights of effectiveness and efficiency due to an extensive reserach project underway that will catalogue each and every family in the surrounding 16 villages that is caring for orphans and vulnerable chidlren.

It is very encouraging that most villages have responded to these iniatives by starting their own Orphans and Vulnerable Children committee that monitors the situations in their locality. In combination with the NGO's resources the effects are immediate and targeted to the most in need.


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