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The Ibwanzi Health Facility was officially opened by District officials on the 14th September 2009. This has wards of upto 30 inpatients, 4 showers and toilets and extensive water catchment and storage system. The Opening Day was a great celebration for the whole community.
To date the facility now has a Doctor on the staff and has prenatal HIV testing and counselling.
The District government have promised to upgrade this Dispensary to 'Health Centre' which will in turn increase the number of staff allocated to work here. A tremendous achievement in primary health care.

Mdabulo Hospital
The new maternity wing and wards are now used consistently supported by mid wives paid for by Donors. The building alone are not much good without skilled staff, but we hope that the improved working conditions will attract further skilled personnel.
A Temporary Counselling and Treatment Clinic (CTC) has been operating at the hospital twice a month. Over 1000 patients are registered and this has a multiplier effect as others are seeing the benefits of getting tested and if need be treated.

Chogo Dispensary
This area is the furthest away of all the villages in this District. 2009 has seen the expansion on the Dispensary so it now has 6 beds ward and running water!

Dr Leena Pasanen
We are extremely lucky to have Dr Pasanen visiting the District for 10 days a month, running clinics in each village as well as making house calls - an unparalleled service in Tanzania.

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