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The two concerns for the future of wildlife and the poverty and health of the communities are not separate interests. The wildlife is wholly dependant on the communities around them.

While the NGO will oversee all ongoing projects it will shift its focus towards projects that encourage activities that protect the environment while at the same time reducing poverty. The Foxes have repeatedly shown the ability to move from a situation of talking about Tanzania 's problems towards tackling some of these problems. But to do this they need your help to provide the NGO with the necessary resources.
Experience in Tanzania has taught the Foxes the best approaches towards solving some of Tanzania 's problems. In the developing world it is generally expected that only 1 in 5 US$ of donor money actually gets to the purpose it was intended. Even the established NGOs frequently result in only half the donation reaching its intended purpose. This is because the money is eroded in administration fees and overheads.
The Foxes want to break from these approaches so that your support is entirely used for the project it was intended. They achieve this by using their own time and resources to ensure that the donation is wholly used for the purpose it was intended. Fox trust projects get maximum bang for their buck because they utilise the unique self help culture in Tanzania to make the donation stretch much further than you could imagine.
The people in Tanzania are very proud and perfectly willing to work together to improve their situation and sometimes all that is needed is a catalyst. It is increasingly being recognised that projects initiated by the private sector, or small agencies, are closer to the problems and have more freedom to experiment with concepts and methodology than the sluggish governments and large agencies. The successes achieved by Foxes Community and Wildlife Conservation Trust will be picked up and used as examples in the larger nationwide projects.
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