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The Igoda Children's Village is a happy, thriving community of around 36 children living in 3 houses. Each house has a Mother who cares for her children, feeds and supports them creating the boundaries of behaviour and discipline expected in any household. The children attend the village school, are expected to do chores at the house before playing with their friends from the village.

The concept has evolved with the needs of the children and there is now a successful program of foster-care whereby vulnerable children are housed temporarily whilst their parents or guardians lift themselves out of a crisis period. The fact that these children can adapt to living in the Childrens Village and then go back home is a credit to the House Mothers for creating a sound, caring environment without an attitude of entitlement and privilege as can so easily happen in these circumstances.

The Village is expected to provide for itself possible, growing vegetables and raising chickens for meat and eggs.

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