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There are no end of children wanting to enter the Children's Village, but the screening process is carefully monitored by Jenny Peck and the Village committees set up to review cases. It is important that this is not seen as an easy way out for famillies facing difficulties.

2010 will see the fourth house completed and this will be for the older children. Instead of just the House Mother, the idea is to introduce House Parents for the older children as it is felt that the boys, especially, will benefit from a permanent Father figure during the adolescent years.

2009 brought Hezron to the village. A Cerebral Palsy sufferer, Hezron was left with no mobility and would have no future. Under the car of the NGO he has a wheelchair and following a visit by Annie Gibbs, a physiopherapist, the house mother now has a rigorous exercise routine to follow to strengthen Hezron's legs. When Annie left, Hezron was already walking along a frame of hand rails!

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