Current Projects

With 149 primary schools in Mufindi District there is a never ending project to upgrade and supply primary schools.

New Scholarship Program -
This is new initiative to award students who have taught voluntarily at Luhunga School. They are sponsored through a teaching degree at College on the understanding that they will return to teach in this District.
At the start of 2009 Luhunga School had over 300 students and only 4 teachers so the supply of teachers is a fundamental starting point to improving standards in these rural schools.

The number of scholars that we can support depends on funds, so if you are interested in helping fund this scheme, please let us know.

Luhunga Primary school will now receive similar support from the NGO.
Support has now been extended to the Luhunga Secondary school, who now have an interim library, whiu books, reference material and syllabus related information. The building of a permanent library at this school is underway.

School uniforms are supplied to those families unable to pay for this.

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