Project Updates

Igoda Village Primary school now has new classrooms, a block of 24, new toilets, a water catchment system to collect and store rain water and a school kitchen program.
The students and teachers have repaid us by pulling the school up to the rank of 7 out of 149 government primary schools in the District. Congratulations!

The NGO sponsors a daily meal of nutritional 'Uji' to all the children, 'Meal in a Mug'. This is amixture of maize flour with added nutrients, tasty and very popular.
A large proportion of the children walk miles to school and will have not had any food that morning - they live too far away to walk back for lunch so this is their only sustenance during the day time. The success of this project has been a leap in attendance to 97% per day and a marked improvement in concentration in the classroom.

The African Book Society have equipped a whole library for the the school so the children have access to stories and reference material. This basic resource is not available in government schools in Tanzania.

Orphans in the Wild continue to supply further books, paper and educational materials for distribution to all schools in the area.

By linking in with other NGO's operating in Tanzania, Luhunga Secondary school now has solar power,with a panel donated by Solaraid ( and will shortly be receiving 20 laptop computers donated by

Igoda primary school now has access to a large hall for school functions. This building completed in 2009 is shared by the school and the village. for more information on this facility check the community tab.

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