Secondary Education

The curriculum in secondary schools is in English and all classes are taught in English. Yet due to class sizes and the standard of English teaching at Primary Level, students are admitted to secondary school with barely a word of English. This significantly reduces the chances of success at Secondary Level.

There is a great urgency to raise the standard of English taught at Primary School to equip students with the ability to perform at Secondary level, and then to ensure that there are sufficient places for all children with the necessary qualifications to attend Secondary School.

Less than 10% of children attend secondary school, one of the lowest rates in the world. Even if they attain the standard required, their parents have to be able to afford the fees. Many students live away from home in order to find a place in a secondary school, thus increasing the financial burden with living expenses.

As with Primary education, the most significant issue pertaining to secondary education is the supply of teachers especially to rural schools. These remote rural areas are seen as punishment postings, Luhunga Secondary School has over 300 students and 4 teachers - an impossible situation.

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